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Hereafter is a story of three people touched by Death in different ways. Matt Damon is the Psychic who doesn’t want to speak with those who have passed over any more, while others need his gift to understand what has happened to them. Strangely enough, this movie was directed by Clint Eastwood. Interplanetary is a low budget independent film in which everyone on Mars dies. You have to be a B movie horror fan for this one, I am afraid, as well as Sharktopus, which at least had a few names I have heard of involved.

I consider it a bit strange that I didn’t find any live action genre TV series coming out this week, but it had to happen sooner or later.

In Anime, D. Gray-Man: Season Two is the story of young exorcist Allen Walker, and the ghosts and demons he must battle to save humanity. Weighing in at 103 episodes (so far), if you like this one you can be comforted knowing there is more to come. Also, Gunslinger Girl: Complete Collection is hitting the shelves in a single box set, all 13 episodes plus the OVA’s, for less than $50. You should shop around for something noticeably less than $50, because you can pick up the 13 episode series for $29, and the OVAs for $9, or a combined price of $38.