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Top of the movie listed this week is The Green Hornet, which was most definitely more of a remake of the Bruce Lee TV franchise than the original Radio Drama series of the 1930’s. Just like the TV series, Kato (Jay Chou this time around) is the star, with the Green Hornet just along for the ride and to supply the financing; this update is a lot of fun. Interestingly enough, Kung Fu Dunk, a martial arts basketball movie from China also staring Jay Chou is being released in the US this week as well.

Also out this week, and not so much fun, is Bloodsucking Nazi Zombies, which I recommend you avoid like the plague. If you absolutely must acquire a horror film this week Ninjas vs. Vampires (from the same team who created Ninjas Vs. Zombies) is a much better option.

For TV, season 3 of the UK version of Being Human is the one to beat. The US version is still only in season 1, and although I have been enjoying it, I can’t seem to identify with the characters the way I have with the original series. As with all the best Sci-Fi, it uses the experiences of the non-humans to underscore just what being human is all about. Philip K. Dick would have loved this TV show.

In Anime, Ghost Sweeper Mikami Collection 4 continues the classic series of lust, greed, and supernatural harassment for fun and profit. The other option for this week is also a re-release of a classic: Shingu: Secret of the Stellar Wars, this time in a Thinpak collection. While the animation for both of these is rather old school, one of them at least is from this century; can you guess which one?