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In movies there don’t seem to be a lot of choices this week; Stake Land pretty much looks like it, and I am not terribly enthused about this one. However, there is a box set that should be fun: Mystery Science Theater 3000: MST3K vs. Gamera XXI has all 5 Gamera films with the famous MST3K audio overlay going on.

In TV, The Colony: Season 2 is a very interesting show, if you haven’t seen it. It is sort of the Discovery Channel reality TV version of the BBC’s Survivors, the setup is post-apocalyptic and the goal is to prosper in the face of adversity as a team. Unlike the wimpy broadcast TV equivalents, this program includes full tilt combat situations as part of the environment and resolution process. The other TV program of note is about a different battle: Ed Sullivan Presents: Rock N Roll Revolution is all about the British Invasion of the 1960s, and how America fought back. Of course, that battle took place on the dance floors and for the first time ever for a purely cultural clash on TV (there had been a number of political clashes on TV before that). The one notable Ed Sullivan Show performance that should be on the disk but is missing appears to be The Doors Light My Fire.

The western animation selection this time is Rio, a delightful little film put together by Blue Sky Studios, who did the entire Iceage series of animations. The choreographed areal dance/music sequences are some of the best I have ever seen.

For anime, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Part 5 continues the steampunk and sorcery parallel timeline story as brothers Elric and Alphonse struggle to regain what they have lost. With this one they also finish up the Brotherhood storyline, which was much closer to the original Manga than the first anime series was.