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Not much in the way of movies this week; the only things I could find are Aliens vs. Avatars and Area 51, neither one of which I find worth watching.

In TV, we have Fringe: Seasons 1-3 in a single box set. What I find strange about this release is the pricing; at Amazon as an example the season 1 through 3 box set runs $162.00; but you can pick up season 1 for $19, season 2 for $25, and season 3 for $37, totaling up to $81, or half of what the first 3 seasons box set runs. Also out this week is Castle: The Complete Third Season, which I have to mention because it stars The Captain.

In Anime, the main release is the feature movie The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya. This only got a very limited theatrical release in the US, so for most fans this will be their first opportunity to see it. It came out in Japan between the first and second season of the Aliens/Espers/Robots/Time Travelers show, but I am not sure where in the story arc it properly resides. Also out this week, Katanagatari Premium part 2 continues the katana collection adventures with foes forced to cooperate if they have any hope of success. Looking at the picture on the series home page you could be forgiven for coming to the conclusion the series was a romantic fantasy rather than assembling a weapons supremacy. On the other hand, Amagami SS IS about romance across alternate universes, where we get to see what happens to different versions of the same boy in different timelines. One of the nice touches in this series is that each episodes closing theme song is sung by the female protagonist for that episode. This series is based on an eroge, or Japanese romance game.