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In Movies, Big Ass Spider! includes two actors I really like, Greg Grunberg and Ray Wise, and is very Tremors-like in its approach to dealing with the giant rampaging arachnid terrorizing Los Angeles. And yes, Greg is once more playing a cop, but a non-telepathic one this time. The other movie of note isn’t genre, but a fun little comedy about identity theft, desperate marriages, and gangland murder called Key of Life. It is in Japanese with English subtitles.

In TV we have Being Human: The Complete Third Season, the Syfy channel remake of the excellent British TV series. We also get the Blue Ray release of Star Trek Enterprise: The Complete Third Season. It has been available since 2005 in DVD, this is its first time available in Hi def, as far as I am aware.

For Western animation Archer: The Complete Fourth Season give us more bumbling spys to grin about.

Anime brings us Lagrange: The Flower of Rin-ne Season 2, also referred to as Set 2, with more intergalactic combat and intrigue, and alien mysteries to solve. And did I mention the giant robots the girls fly into battle? Aria The Natural: Part 1 is the first 13 episodes of season 2, and continues the story of the three friends determined to become the best gondoliers on the planet Aqua (called Mars before it was terraformed).

I don’t usually mention re-releases, but Patlabor: The Mobile Police Collection 4 comes out with episodes 37 through 47 of pure giant robot police mayhem, and this time around they have Blue Ray covered. This aired in Tokyo from 1988 through 1994, and pretty much set the standard for wacky police mecha shows, with a host of Anime giants involved with the production.