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Gantz II: The Perfect Answer tops the movie list this time, bringing the second feature length episode of the live action version of the story. They have eased back considerably on the sex and violence of the Manga and Anime series to avoid an X rating, but it is sill quite an interesting and exciting tale. Also out this week, Parallel Life involves a murder mystery revolving around a South Korean mathematics professor who appears to be the reincarnation of Kurt Gödel. In addition there are rumors of a Russian sci-fi time travel/space combat movie called The Interceptor based on the book by Vasiliy Golovachev, but I can’t seem to find a proper site for that one. Finally, Age of Heroes is the true story of the formation of Ian Fleming’s 30 person commando unit which became the basis for the SAS.

There are two TV titles this week; Sliders: The Fifth and Final Season (I couldn’t find an official site for the 1995 series any more, so that link is a fan site) concludes that series, in what I feel is the weakest season ever for the show, with only the actor playing Rembrandt Brown remaining of the original cast. The other show is Merlin: The Complete Third Season, and it is finally starting to get a bit dark for the storyline.

Two Anime movies this time around, with the award winning First Squad: The Moment of Truth definitely leading the field. It is WWII, and a group of super powered Russian teenagers goes up against an SS officer who is attempting to raise the dead to fight for the Nazi’s. The other feature length film is Redline, the biggest car race in the universe.

In new TV series we have Princess Resurrection – The Complete Collection, a kinky little story about a boy who saves the life of a girl in a creepy mansion, only to loose his own in the process. Imagine his surprise when she grants him a second life, but only for so long as he shall be her servant. Meanwhile, Star Driver Part 2 brings us the second half of the tale of the battle of the Shrine Maidens trying to keep the evil organization Vanishing Age from bringing the giant killer Mecha’s into the world. And the last new title is Hetalia World Series – Season 03, which I will not be bringing home myself.

There are also a couple of re-releases in more cost effective packaging, for those of you who have been waiting. Kaze no Stigma – The Complete Series is being released in a [S.A.V.E.] edition, as is Nabari no Ou complete series; if you shop around, you can pick them each up for well under $20.