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The best movie this time around appears to be a documentary: Being Elmo: A Pupeteer’s Journey is a look behind the scenes at the creator of one of the worlds best loved puppets. And no, it is not Jim Henson, but someone who really wanted to work with him. The film itself racked up an impressive number of awards at festivals around the globe. Alien Opponent, on the other hand, is a bit silly but didn’t mean to be; I can not recommend it to anyone, really.

Top TV selection is Torchwood: Miracle Day, the joint project between Starz and the BBC. Actually, that is about the only live action TV selection this time around, except for re-releases.

The completely new Anime offering is Ōkami-san & Her Seven Companions, a fable-like fairy tale of truly silly proportions. Not that it doesn’t have its serious side, and based on the trailer and what I have read I suspect this one will be quite good.

Two favorite series are returning with new seasons. Motto To Love Ru -Trouble, the complete collection, continue the story of our teleporting alien girl and all the craziness that comes along with her for another dozen episodes. The Polyphonica Crimson S likewise continues its storyline, of musical magic working with the police, and the missing spirit companion returning, at which point our hero discovers she is really the dreaded Crimson Annihilator. How will he survive this one? The web site is undergoing maintenance, or I would have posted a link.