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Not exactly a top week for movies on DVD, the only genre flic I could find was Thunderstorm: Return of Thor, based on a comic book version of the god published by Fox Comics back in the 1940s. While I found the concept interesting, I am underwhelmed by its execution, and would sooner recommend the non-genre Haywire, which is at least a fun action romp. Or if you are interested in a documentary, Films Of Fury: The Kung Fu Movie Movie is a lot of fun, giving some background and history along with some interviews to tell you how we got here.

In TV The Invisible Man: The Complete Series is the 1975 David McCallum version, which took place between his Man from Uncle and his VR.5 series. Also out this week, Curiosity with Stephen Hawkings has a first rate mind looking at the creation of the universe.

Story Corps: Animated Shorts is an animated subset of one of the biggest oral history projects ever attempted, put together by the American Folklife Center at the Library of Congress. If you have been following their broadcasts on NPR or listening to their podcasts, you will probably want to check this one out.

In Anime the new release is Psychic Squad: Collection 1, a story of 3 young psychic girls and the guy who has to try to keep them on mission in the field. His survival, and the planet’s, are both in question. There streaming service is not available in my part of the world, depending on where you are you may have better luck (it is all a matter of licensing).

Finally, Dirty Pair: Features DVD Collection is being re-released by Right Stuff, becoming available for the first time in the US since ADV went out of business. If you already have ADV’s Dirty Pair Movie Collection this is the same set, but if you don’t it will bring you closer to completing your collection.