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For live action, 20th Century Boys 2: The Last Hope, part 2 in the trilogy, is the clear import winner for this week. The gang continues to do their best to save the world from improbable attacks, and succeeds even against the scriptwriters assaults. The sad part is, staying true to the original Manga is what bogged the story telling down, but they got it going again in time to retrieve the film. If they shoot some properly selected extra scenes, they even have a chance to redeem the slower parts of the movie; I for one would love to purchase a Directors Cut version of the DVD that brought it all back into center focus.

Loosely based on the game of the same name, the movie Zombie Apocalypse is hardly worth mentioning here. But there don’t seem to be any other US movies worth commenting on, so there it is.

In the realm of animation, there are actually a few good choices this time round, from rather diverse sources, and in somewhat different styles. If you can only get one of them, I recommend Shaun The Sheep – A Woolly Good Time, created by the team that brought you the various Wallace and Grommet movies. There is little to no dialog in these animations, and everything is G rated, but neither of those details will prevent you from laughing your ass off. These 6 episodes appear to be from the 2007 run of the Brit TV series.

Halo Legends gives you seven stories from the gaming universe that go beyond the original Red-Vs-Blue structure I loved so much. The animation itself borders on Machinima, blurring the lines between the 3D game enviro and that of the animation studio.