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After Earth leads in the movie category this week, one of several very well done films this year about returning to a changed Earth after going to Space to survive as a species. But it is far from the only choice, and the film Europa Report is a near-future thriller that slides between documentary and alternate history as it lays out its story, and it definitely did the space scenes better than most. Finally, the Whedonesq version of Much Ado About Nothing joins the take-home movie ranks.

In TV, the animated series Robot Chicken: Season 6 looks like the best option to me; I love this show, surreal and silly at the same time. American Horror Story: Asylum is the complete second season, and just like the first season, it is a departure from what you might be expecting. The Tom Baker episode of Dr. Who: Terror Of The Zygons is being released, or re-released, depending on whether you count VHS as a valid release option.

Season one of We Without Wings is coming out in Anime this week. The story you get when you throw together a shy boy, an alternate medieval world, an upbeat guy, a hard boiled loner, two gangs, and a girl with a uniform fetish is somewhat adventurous and pretty darn funny. Brave10: Complete Series is 12 episodes of Warring States-era Ninja Vs. Samurai goodness, with our protagonist and her Band of 10 Brave Warriors using their mystical powers to protect the weak and innocent.

In ongoing series, Naruto Shippuden: Box 16 continues with episodes 193 through 205, and we still have a good way to go to catch up with Japan. And Phi-Brain: Puzzle of God runs their complete season 2 series, The Orpheus Order with still more lethal puzzles to solve. Season 3 starts streaming soon.