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Even though it is actually the Millennium Trilogy, apparently in this country it is being released as Stieg Larsson’s Dragon Tattoo Trilogy, and while not science fiction the world-class genius hacker girl at the core of this story gives it all the geek cred I will ever require of any movie series. Accept no substitutes, including the wimpy American remake; this one is the real deal.

Glenn, the Flying Robot is a movie from Belgium that is noticeably different than you think it is. Two old friends share a history and a skill set centered in their concert level piano playing, but as often happens they become rivals from the personal to the professional levels. When one looses the use of his hands due to external damage, Glenn is brought to the problem, applying mechanical digits to replace the flesh. This story goes in directions you were not at first expecting. The live action silly fun imported movie this week is Alien vs. Ninja, which is exactly what you think it is. Some of these titles lend themselves to an obvious progression, and this one fulfills its promise nicely.

This week’s TV series was never actually on TV, but rather only distributed online: The Guild: Season 4. Think about it; a TV show about playing online games together so good that Microsoft actually has sponsored them since season 2 for X-Box Live viewing.

Topping the choices for western animation this time, and in fact weighing in as the only contender, is Megamind. As usual, it is coming out as a DVD, and a Blue Ray/DVD edition. Surprisingly there does not seem to be a Digital Copy or 3D edition for this one, at least not at first. If you go with the DVD/Blue Ray edition, you can also pick it up in a 2-pack with Megamind: The Button of Doom, but be aware this is another non-Tuesday release. This one comes out Friday the 25th, and along with Despicable Me and Tangled made up the best that western animation had to offer for 2010, as far as I am concerned.

Gintama – Collection 4 continues the story of alien invaders in Edo-era Japan who enslave the population to their factories and distract them with TV and Anime, while forbidding any kind of fighting that might threaten their power or risk inciting rebellion. So Samurai and Ninja go disarmed and bored unto tears, while the world gets stranger still. Our Home’s Fox Deity Volume 2 brings the next twelve episodes of this tale of siblings to life; one pair the human brothers, Noboru and Toru, and their spiritual guardians, fox goddesses Kugen and Gyokuyo. And then there are various gods, werewolves, and clans of Oni (Demons) to continue to make life interesting for them!

The Paranormal Disaster Countermeasure Headquarters is the government organization which is supposed to protect Japan from supernatural attack, but one day things don’t go so well and a rival organization is forced to step in. Ga-Rei: Zero tells their tale. Also, becoming available in a single box set edition, the classic anime GunGrave is being re-released

There are a few classics being re-released in the US, including FLCL (pronounced Fooley Cooley), a truly insane little animation series from the folks who made Gurren Lagann and Neon Genesis Evangelion. While only six episodes long, this OVA has enough twists and turns for a full season of most other productions, and a killer soundtrack by The Pillows. The other classic title is Chrono Crusade, the story of a heavily armed nun and her demon sidekick battling the forces of evil in 1928 New York. If you missed getting either of these in your collection the first time around, now is your chance, and at a decent price if you shop around.