Last chance to release disks and have them available for Xmas. So who waited this late before moving? Top movie released this week has to be District 9; it is an incredible and surprising movie, and it is hard to believe it was made on a tiny budget. Top documentary out this week is definitely It Might Get Loud, which brings three amazing guitar players together. From TV, Kyle XY Season 3 hit the shelves Tuesday.

For Anime TV, Spice & Wolf: Complete First Season arrives, the story of a traveling trader and a wolf goddess. If you want to watch a bit of it to see if you like it, visit the official Funimation site. A single volume finishes up the first season of Ah My Buddha volume 6, kind of the Monk’s spirit power strip club version of Ah My Goddess. In live-action the movie Maid-Droid is also being released in the U.S.