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I hit two movies yesterday, and I have to say I was most impressed with Push, which delivered much more than it’s trailer promised. If you haven’t seen it yet, do so today; but don’t bother to bring along friends who are slow on the uptake (like 55% of the reviewers at places like Rotten Tomatoes), because the plot twists and story pace are way too dense and swift for them to keep up. As for the other movie, all I can say is I have been struck by lightning one time… seven seems a bit much to me, but the film itself deserves whatever awards it might gather. For online fun, I recommend you check out the Anime Network Online Player, which is currently running Angelic Layer, Divergence Eve, and Mezzo, amongst others. Or you can hit Crunchy Roll to watch Steel Angel Kurumi and a whole bunch of other popular animes. ADV also has an online Anime viewing site you should enjoy. For gaming fun, the BBC has released a few of its Doctor Who Online Games for play outside of the UK, including the linked K9 game.