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I have gathered together a few favorite films to keep me distracted during recovery for the next few days, starting with 2009’s Fish Story. This excellent Japanese Sci-Fi tale covers multiple decades and generations, showing how a punk rock song saved the world through a series of circumstances that don’t at first glance appear to be related. Luc Besson’s Angel-A is also in the collection, a French film about an angel who has fallen to Earth to save the heart and soul of a petty criminal. And then there is Iron Sky, about the Nazi’s who fled to the Moon at the end of WWII and are now returning to invade the Earth, from the Finnish film making team that brought us Star Wreck. That last one even has an English sound track, so I won’t have to read the subtitles, hurrah! If you have missed seeing any of these amazing films you can watch them on many VOD or Streaming services, such as Netflix, and I recommend dong so soonest!