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Sony Pictures posted this trailer for After Earth, a new science fiction film starring Will and Jaden Smith. I love both of those actors, and the trailer looks interesting, although they may have to stretch the timeline for the premiss a bit to get that state of affairs by 2066. I do have two things that concern me about it though. First, it is being filmed on the new Sony F65 4K digital camera. The concern with that is the camera is brand new, with only 400 made in the entire world so far, and this movie is going to be their training class for the technology. The results could go either way, but my own experience is new technology generally comes with a learning curve, so I would expect the second or third film after this one will be the one where it really is used to good effect. My other concern is that M. Night Shyamalan is involved, and I have never managed to stay awake more than a third of the way through any movie of his I have ever tried to see. Perhaps this one will hold my attention a bit better than the others.