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The first teaser came out in February (shown below), but now the first English language Live Action trailer of Blood, The Last Vampire is out, and SFX has it. It opens in Japan on May 29th, the UK on June 12th, and France on June 17th. I haven’t found the US release date yet, although Star News of Korea claims Universal bought the US rights, and plan to release it this month (Thanks to the Anime News Network for translating that bit for me). The team behind it did a few other movies you might have heard of, including Hero and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon; combine them with the excellent story and fully developed characters of the original Anime series, and I am expecting a major movie experience. Rope of Silicon has the Japanese trailer as well as the international version; I have to install the Kanji character set on my computer before I can find the link to it on the official movie home page.