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On October 10th Library Wars: The Last Mission hits the big screen in Tokyo. This time the Armed Librarians are guarding the one-of-a-kind “library law handbook” on display at a special exhibition. What they don’t know is this is a trap meant to overthrow the Library Defense Force and possibly wipe them out. This is the third presentation in this series of live action projects based on Hiro Arikawa’s series of Library Wars light novels, but besides the award winning books, this has also been a Manga, Anime series, and Live Action TV series. For the live action movies they started in 2013 with the film Library Wars, which will be airing on TBS (Tokyo Broadcast System; the same folks who came up with the Ninja Warrior and American Ninja Warrior game shows) on Sunday the 4th. A made-for-Television second live action film, Library Wars: Book Of Memories will be airing on Monday, October 5th, and the new movie itself follows that Saturday in Theaters. The author also got to write the Manga and the screenplays for the movies, so her romance and comedy made it into the films as well as the action. Thanks to the team at Tokyo Pop for the heads up on this one.