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Day six of recovery, and focusing on comedies this time, starting with Earth Girls Are Easy, one of the absolute classics. Starring Jeff Goldblum, Jim Carrey and Damon Wayans as the aliens, and Geena Davis, Michael McKean, Julie Brown, and Charles Rocket as the humans, this is one of those movies I have watched a dozen times or more and loved with every reviewing. The same is true for The 5th Element, a Luc Besson comedy starring Bruce Willis and Milla Jovovitch among others, which I have probably already watched two dozen times. The third for obvious reasons has to be the 1986 version of the Little Shop Of Horrors with Steve Martin as the demented dentist. Yes, all of these are very old movies, but they are all serious (OK, not actually serious, not a single one of these movies was serious, more silly really) favorites of mine which I can watch again and again with complete enjoyment each time. If you have missed even one of these, trust me when I say you need to track them down and watch them as soon as you can. Most of them are available on the free streaming services or come with your various streaming/cable accounts.