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Funimation is bringing the Psycho-Pass Movie to US theaters on March 15th and 16th. The Sibyl System uses extensive surveillance and biological monitoring to determine who is likely to commit a crime. When they find one the police remove potential criminals from the population before they become a problem. But some are bypassing the system and attacking without warning, and Inspector Akane Tsunemori is tasked with bringing them to justice. Normally a movie like this would be a stand-alone taking place in the same universe as the anime TV series, with the same characters in a separate story, but not in this case. This is actually the culmination of the TV series, bringing the story to its end. If you have been following the series from the beginning, this is your chance to see the conclusion on the big screen. If you haven’t been watching it until now, you have time to see the entire series before the theatrical presentation; you can catch it on Funimation or Hulu.

As previously mentioned, also in March The Boy and the Beast will be brought to American theaters by Funimation. That one will be at the beginning of the month, on March 4th, and I am including the new US trailer for it. This being Monday I would normally be talking about what will be hitting the theaters this week, but sadly the answer is Nothing. If you missed Deadpool last week this would be a good time to see it.