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Extraterrestrial looks like a lot of silly fun; you wake up with no memory of the one night stand who’s house you are in, to meet her wacky boyfriend and neighbors, only to discover the Earth has been invaded. While this movie is only opening in New York this weekend (it hits LA next weekend), it is also being released on iTunes, DVD, and VOD on Friday as well, so anyone who wants to can check it out.

This one may be a bit more thinkee but looks every bit as entertaining: Safety Not Guaranteed is a time travel comedy that won awards at Sundance and SXSW, and appears to have a lot of heart. Even though it had it’s initial 4 city release last week, I am mentioning it now because it is going to be on the big screen in my area starting this weekend.

The other interesting choice this week is not genre, but it is entertaining: Rock of Ages is based on the Broadway musical, and also looks a treat.