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Animated fun this time around with Rio 2, from the folks who brought us the Ice Age series. Our happy blue couple think they are the last of their species, but then others like themselves are spotted in the Amazon. There is nothing for it but to pack up their three kids and go find out who else might have survived, and whether they will end up having a future together. But Blu should have worried more about the past, as he discovers he now has a father in law… and a long lost romantic rival he never knew existed.

Besides the silliness and great characters this production house excels at, I expect they may also throw in a selection of samba driven music to fuel the soundtrack, as they did the first time around. The musical pieces they did in the original film allowed them to showcase some quite complex and well choreographed dance animations that were absolutely amazing to watch, especially in 3D. I look forward to seeing at least one such sequence in the sequel, although I can’t imagine what they could do to top their initial offering.