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There are several excellent choices this weekend, with Branded giving us an insight into just how twisted and horrific the world would become if it was run by marketing department teams from this or any other planet/dimension. If you liked Inception this may be the movie you should go for this time around, and I will definitely be in the theater for it, since it looks like it will need the big screen to display the video properly. From Bollywood Raaz 3: The Third Dimension is a recursive tale of a film director who must save his love from supernatural attacks from a wicked witch. This is the third entry in this horror franchise, but being a Bollywood series they take it in directions you never would have suspected. And if you just want to kick back with an old favorite, Raiders of the Lost Ark is rolling out for a limited IMAX engagement, and by limited I mean one week only. I may have seen this movie 30 times or so, but I have NEVER seen it remastered for IMAX, so I am also going to have to be in the theater for this one. Not a bad collection of choices, ne?