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This week we get How to Train Your Dragon 2, the animated fantasy sequel. I enjoyed the original Dreamworks production and the first season of the TV show. I felt season 2 of the show had gone a bit down hill, losing touch with the stories original values in honor of getting a bigger audience share by emphasizing the adventure aspects. I am hoping that the second movie takes us back to the kind of heart and character expressed in the first one. If you are in the mood for something more serious, The Signal may or may not be an alien invasion story that some folks have compared to District 9 for originality when it was on the film festival circuit. Other folks have been less positive, but I do like the trailer, and it got nominations at Sundance, so I may just check it out. I will not be attending The Rover, partly because it is in limited release this week, but mostly because the description reads like yet another Mad Max wannabe, and I have already seen my quota of Australian post apocalypse movies. It may be better than I think it is, because it got nominated for Best Film in Cannes; and it goes into wide release next week, so anyone who is interested can catch it then.