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There are actually two release dates this week, and they both have some serious winners. On Valentines Day we get the box office monster A Good Day to Die Hard, because I am sure some movie executive somewhere said to themselves “Yeah, that is such a romantic chick flick, but there are 2 other films worth noting. The romantic fantasy Beautiful Creatures (based on the book of the same name) takes place in a small southern town where a newly met couple must uncover some very dark supernatural secrets. Unfortunately, Love & Teleportation is in such limited release that you have to be attending the Boston Science Fiction Film Festival if you want to see it.

When we get to Friday proper, Escape from Planet Earth brings all the animated silliness anyone could wish for. Meanwhile, The Power of Few runs multiple story lines in parallel, and one of them involves the Shroud of Turin being stolen so someone can clone Jesus. All in all, quite a good weekend for movies.