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The Rover goes into wide release this week, but as I commented before I will probably pass on that one. That appears to be it for genre this time around, but the film version of the musical Jersey Boys is also coming out. There is one violent but interesting film from South Korea called No Tears for the Dead that looks like the best choice. An abandoned child is raised by an organized crime family to be a cold-hearted killer, but when he accidentally kills an innocent young girl he learns about guilt and remorse. The breaking point is his next assigned job; the mother of the dead girl is now being targeted by his bosses to stop her from causing trouble. But the killer starts to fall in love and wants out of the organization. Interestingly enough, the trailer you will find at that link has mostly English as the spoken language with Korean subtitles. The one place they did slip in Korean dialog did not have English subtitles, hopefully it won’t be like that in the theaters.