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Quite a few choices this weekend, I may just end up spending most of it sitting in dark rooms staring at big screens. Morgan was created using artificial genetic material, has been kept in a lab his whole life, and now a consultant is going to decide if he lives or dies. The 9th Life of Louis Drax is about a boy who died for two hours, and was revived, but has a secret that poses a serious mystery. Skiptrace has Jackie Chan and Johnny Knoxville as a Hong Kong detective and an American gambler charging across Asia to take down a Chinese crime lord. Bingbing Fan and Eve Torres are both in the action/comedy as well, it looks very entertaining. Finally Yoga Hosers was written and directed by Kevin Smith, so you know it is going to be full of silly fun. It is a spinoff of 2014’s Tusk, going into more detail on the two convenience store clerks we first saw in that film, but with a lot more humor.