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Monster Trucks looks like good silly fun, and sometimes that’s all that you need to keep yourself entertained. Aliens are the engines for this wild romp, I may have to check it out. Bad Kids of Crestview Academy gets a mention because it is based on the graphic novel ‘Bad Kids Go 2 Hell’ and because it appears to be that rare crossbreed: horror/comedy. While I don’t expect it to be in Shaun of the Dead territory it might just surprise me, and they did a great job of casting the actors to match the manga characters. I will briefly also point out The Crash because it claims to take place in the ‘near future’ (it’s another get-the-hackers-to-protect-the-country film), and Attack of the Lederhosen Zombies as winner of this week’s Silliest Title award, another horror/comedy. Perhaps they are not as rare as I thought.