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The winner this week is pretty hard to determine, and may depend for you on the ages of the friends or family you are going to see it with. On the one hand we have The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, the third story in the C. S. Lewis series of books. I think the films have been a fairly faithful rendering of the original works, even if targeted at a younger audience than I would have expected. I will definitely be in the 3D theater for this one, although after looking at the trailer I believe it will work just as well on a 2D screen. The other film is a much more adult re-imagining of an absolute classic of fantasy literature: The Tempest. Original story by Shakespeare, assembled for the screen and directed by by Julie Taymor of Across The Universe fame, and winner of five major film festival awards, the trailer on this one knocked my socks off. Looks like it will be a two movie weekend for me.

Chronicles Of Narnia 3 Trailer 2