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Pick of the week would have to be Source Code, about a soldier who is part of an anti-terrorist task force, and who keeps getting shoved back through time so he can gather intelligence about who planted the bomb, so they can be arrested. But that is not good enough for him; he knows that the true task is to save the victims on the train from the bomb. The problem is doing so would lead to some serious causality loops, possibly as severe as an actual paradox, and that threatens the very existence of the task force, and maybe even the planet. This one is worthy of Philip K. Dick in its twisty recursiveness, and is another win for Duncan Jones.

Also out this week, Super is the story of a man who turns himself into a costumed vigilante after loosing his girlfriend to a drug dealer. The Crimson Bolt may not have any super powers, but he does have attitude and a serious wrench as well as some great actors involved with project. For the younger crowd, the animated Hop shows what happens when the Easter Bunny gets run over by a distracted driver.

Finally, in a bid for the Batshit Crazy award we have Rubber, a film about a telekinetic tire which goes on a killing spree. This one is so outside the box it has a shot at cult status if the quality holds up.