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We have several good choices this time around, with the action/adventure selection being Limitless. The premise is simple; what if taking a drug allowed you to use 100% of your mind, rather than the usual 10%, but came with some brutal side effects. Everything in this film evolves from that simple starting point, and between De Nero and the trailer, I am figuring this for a must see.

The comedy winner this week is Paul, another Simon Pegg/Nick Frost humor extravaganza. They play two nerds on holiday going to Area 51 on holiday, where they run into space alien slacker Paul, who is trying to escape.

In limited release another action comedy looks tasty; Dao Jian Xiao, with the English title The Butcher, The Chef, And The Swordsman. Three interrelated stories involving various bladed objects made from melted down legendary swords with minds of their own, and the extreme emotions of the people wielding them. As you might suspect, this import is from Hong Kong.

If you are in the mood for a documentary, Nostalgia for the Light will be in limited release, telling the story of Astronomers looking for clues on the origin of life from the Atacama Desert in Chile.