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There are several interesting films coming out this week, but I would be lying if I said I was more interested in anything else than I was in Odd Thomas, the Dean R. Koontz story about a short order cook with a hot line to heaven (or hell). I figure it would be too much to hope this production actually becomes available this week, considering back in January they were in court suing for distribution money that was promised but never delivered. In fact the movie itself was supposed to be released in January. But hey, I live in hope, and there is also a real good chance another Dean Koontz book series, Frankenstein, will be made into a TV series after all.

Things we have already seen worth going back to the theaters for this week are topped off with the 3D Jurassic Park presentation; it should be a monster (yes, pun intended)! And of course that leaves us with Evil Dead 2 as another option to consider. All in all, the selection this time looks interesting.