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This weekend we have an interesting looking remake of Conan the Barbarian, one a bit more visually explicit than the Arnie version. It also looks like it might be truer to the original books than the previous film versions, and I will be in the theater for this one. Also out this week is Spy Kids 4: All the Time in the World, with Jessica Alba as the mommy spy. While this franchise is definitely kid-centric, it still has some entertainment value for the adults in the audience. And there is one more I have to mention, even though it is not genre; the Independent Films crime comedy Flypaper starring Ashley Judd and Patric Dempsey looks to be an absolute hoot. It is only in limited release to start with, but hopefully there will be a theater somewhere near you carrying it.

There is also a special one night only event this Wednesday, the 17th, in the form of RiffTrax Live: Jack the Giant Killer. This is another one of those Fathom Events presentation, with the MST3K inheritors doing a number on the cheesy 1962 fantasy epic.