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There are two fun but silly entries for this weekend. The first is Shrek Forever After, in which our fairytale friends find themselves in an alternate universe where everything is just a bit different. I fully expect this to be just as good as the previous entries in the franchise, and will definitely be there.

The other film (maybe) for the weekend is MacGruber, basically a 5 minute SNL sketch and parody of MacGyver blown up into an entire movie. I think this one could be fun, but its release has been delayed several times already and there is a challenge from the creator of MacGyver, so don’t be surprised if it is held back again.

In the world of TV, a few cancellations and renewals have been announced. At NBC, Heroes has been canceled, but Chuck has been renewed for one more season. At ABC Flash Forward has been canceled just as it was starting to get really going, but V has been renewed. ABC also canceled one of the funniest shows on TV, Better Off Ted. Even though V has two of my favorite science fiction actresses doing a killer mother-daughter team, Flash Forward and Better Off Ted were both excellent original programs rather than rebuilt returns. Which won’t stop me from watching and enjoying V.