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There are two interesting films hitting the theaters this week. If you are in an Action kind of mood, the one you want is Bunraku, starring Ron Perlman, Woody Harlson, Demi Moore, and Gatk (I believe this is his first time in an American movie). Kind of American movie anyways; the title and the plot line came from a traditional school of puppet shows from Japan, Gakt is a Japanese rock star, and they filmed the movie in Rumania. It is opening in very limited release, if it does well it may go to wider release down the road. If you are more in the mood for a dark comedy, Tucker and Dale vs. Evil is the way to go. It is about two good ole boys on vacation at their dilapidated shack in the mountains when they are attacked by a bunch of preppy collage kids who have seen Texas Chain Saw Massacre one too many times.