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This is one of those rare weekends with multiple genre films being released together, starting with In Time. This story explores what might happen if the gene responsible for aging (telemerase is the enzyme that governs its expression, and therefore the switch) was turned off. Obviously, the world would be overpopulated pretty damn quick, so to keep everything in balance you have to pay with your days, weeks, and years to purchase anything. Pretty much the talking heads quote goes here, Same As It Ever Was. Now there is a temporal Robin Hood, and he could ruin everything for the folks in power by giving time away to the poor.

Also out this week, Anonymous, the tale of what happens when someone hands Shakespeare his plays and demands he perform them on stage. A historical epic fantasy, this one explores some possibilities a number of scholars would prefer you avoid.

On a completely different note, Sleeping Beauty is a romantic fantasy that goes back to the original story you remember, but only if you remember the adult version of it.

Finally, there are 2 rather strange movies this week, but still genre. Johnny English 2 tells us what would happen if James Bond were really Rowan Atkinson, and The Rum Diary returns Johnny Depp to the roll of renowned journalist Hunter S. Thompson. Either of these would be silly. Both of them together pushes us to the realm of the absurd.