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There are several interesting choices this week, with The Darkest Hour leading the pack. An alien race has invaded Moscow and is consuming the power grid and using it as a weapon against us, while five young people are heading up the opposition. Also out, The Adventures of Tintin brings the Belgian adventure hero to life on the big screen. With Steven Spielberg directing from a script written by Steven Moffat and Edgar Wright, this one promises to be something special. It doesn’t hurt any that the cast includes the likes of Daniel Craig, Simon Peg, and Nick Frost.

Daniel Craig is also in this week’s Americanized remake of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, while Simon Peg shows up in this weeks Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol. If I was going to see a movie that wasn’t in the first paragraph this time around though it would have to be Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, which sounds like it has the potential to be an Oscar contender for multiple awards.