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The obvious choice would be The Incredible Burt Wonderstone this week, with some great comedians doing an excellent job of showing us exactly how professional magicians deal with the real world. The cast for this flic is amazing, I can not imagine the creators getting all these excellent actors assembled for the project if they didn’t have a story worth telling. But it is not the only offering this time around; Vanishing Waves is in very limited release, but it has already won a ton of awards on the Film Festival circuit. It is about making neuro-enhansed real time contact with a coma patient, and exploring all the ways that might go in a non-physical environment. And then there is Noise Matters, which I swear reminds me of nothing so much as the comically brilliant indi film from Sweden, The Sound Of Noise. The core of both films center around people who take what most folks hear as noise, and weave them into complex musical presentations of scope and beauty. Where the films go from that starting point is radically different, but they do seem to share a bit of an attitude no matter how much they diverge.