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After a year or so making the Film Fest circuit, Splice is finally in general release! Demonstrating exactly why you do not want to buy your kid a genetic engineering tool set (around $20 worth of chemicals, enzymes, and glassware if you get the raw materials yourself, or about $150 if you pick up the pre-made kit), this movie looks to have enough of the basics right to be a quality morality tale with a scientific grounding. I have been waiting a while for this one, and that may be warping my focus this week, so lets look at the other films coming out.

The other wide release film is, of course, Killers, your basic spy comedy. While I am looking forward to seeing Ashton Kutcher and Katherine Heigl play off each other, I really don’t know if that will be enough to carry this film. I expect this will be silly fun, but not memorable in the long term. I will be happy to be proved wrong, as I was by Mr and Mrs Smith.

The other movies hitting the big screen this weekend are all in EXTREMELY limited release, but they really do look like the films to pay attention to. On the documentary front, Whiz Kids introduces you to a few of the people that make up our only real hope for the future; those children who understand enough of the science and math to make the world work.

And then there is Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Undead, where the classic Hamlet is re-written by a vampire. I would be poking fun at this one, except I found it very entertaining, and thought I should pass it on. Especially once I realized Dracula was the vampire who did the re-writing.

The movie that may be the best one for the week is Ondine, a Brit film with serious heart. With actors Colin Farrell, Stephen Rea, and Alicja Bachleda, it is telling a story about True Love, and how the non-human might regard it.