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No one is admitting anything as of this writing, but it looks like a wonderfully done Fan made trailer for TRON 3. While I wouldn’t mind not having to wait 30 years for the next release in the franchise, I suspect this isn’t it. It would be nice, though.

Update: The video has been removed, but for a few brief days it was a wonderfully creative Fan built tribute to the series. Every time a conclusion like this is reached, I visualize a behind-the-scenes battle between the Marketing Department (who understand how well the free publicity and good will generated by the fan support something like this will bring them will increase their bottom line) and the Legal Department (who only seem to understand they are not justifying their paycheck if they are not taking legal action against someone) going on. A word to the wise for upper management; don’t you want to support the team improving your bottom line, rather than their own income?