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Luc Besson has made some wonderful movies over the years, with 5th Element and Angle-A being my two favorites, for totally different reasons (they are totally different films after all). Now with Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets he is about to do it again! Based on the groundbreaking graphic novel ValĂ©rian et Laureline, it is a movie he has been waiting to make since he was 10 years old! It has inspired such films as 5th Element and Star Wars (yes, Star Trek also borrowed heavily from it, as did many others), but even after its 43 year run it is virtually unknown in the US. That will all change come July of 2017, when it hits the big screen world wide. I haven’t found any references so far, but the original 1960s French comic has such a resemblance to the Guardians of the Galaxy comic and film I can’t help but think there is a link there as well.