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For those of you running the Xfinity App from Comcast on your Apple devices, you should have been prodded about a week ago to upgrade the App, which now lets you watch Video On Demand directly on the iPad. The same functionality for the Xfinity Android App should be released any time now. The video appears to currently be limited to the Premium Channels, like HBO and Showtime, but more networks will be coming soon.

Despite the earlier report that only the first episode was going to be streamed in the US Fractale is still becoming available at Funimation each week. I am glad they resolved that issue, but it lead to the creation of an excellent explanation of Territorial Rights on the Funimation blog page that is easy to understand and actually makes sense.

Right Stuff and Nozomie have started streaming The Third: The Girl With the Blue Eye. Think Tank Girl, but the tank (named Bogie) has a serious attitude problem, so they make a great team.

Over on the Syfy Video page you can watch full episodes of Being Human (the US version), Sanctuary, and the full first season of Riese: Kingdom Falling.