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By 2071, the world’s energy problems are seemingly solved by a network of cross-dimensional power induction coils, but there is one minor problem. What the power can do depends on which of the multiverse iterations it was drawn from, and if it isn’t pulled from the officially sanctioned universe it might be able to overwhelm the energies employed by by the government and the police. Needless to say, they have a vested interest in making sure that doesn’t happen, so they pay a premium bounty to anyone who collects the bootleg coils for them, under the excuse that “illegal coils are dangerous”. Which is true; they just don’t mention dangerous to whom.

In this setting, coil-hating repo man Kyoma makes most of his money from confiscating such power sources and selling them to the government. The unique coil android Mira (who is more than she seems) is near him when she sees her father die at the hands of that government, in an event which also takes out 20 square blocks of the city, knocking out herself and any others within a 50 mile radius who’s lives depend on constant coil input. The two end up having to work together to try to achieve their separate goals.

There have only been two episodes at this point, with episode 3 becoming available at 9AM tomorrow, Saturday the 23rd. That is about an hour after it airs in Tokyo, and the built in leeway in the time frame is because they will still have to subtitle it into English, which might take them more than an hour. I do like the two episodes I have seen so far, and am quite looking forward to more.