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Welcome to the Winter 2016 Anime season where we finally get Gate Season 2 and a ton of other shows! Schwarzes Marken is the new season of the BETA invasion of Earth battles, this time featuring the 1983 East German Army. Once more the human forces are so busy trying to gain an advantage over each other that they are ordered to let other humans die rather than combine against their true enemies (one the alien invaders, the other the commanding officers who issue those orders). Erased has a manga artist protagonist who is forced to repeat the past moment which last threatened his life until he gets it right and survives it. Durarara X2 The Third Arc is also about to start, along with Lupin The 3rd Part 4, both series that don’t really need an introduction from me. Those are just the shows that caught my attention right out of the box, there are a number of others that I need to look into before reporting them here.