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And it is driving me nutz! Continuum is a Sci-Fi time travel cop show series with some incredible actors and production values, filmed in Vancouver and currently running on Showcase. But Showcase is a Canadian channel, and as far as I have been able to determine so far, if you live in the US you do not have a channel you can watch it on, and the web sites that stream it are blocked here as well. I have at least been able to watch the mighty impressive trailer posted below (unless they have yanked that too by now). The show normally runs on Sunday evenings at 9PM EST on Showcase (insert your own boilerplate that means check your local listings here). Last weekend they ran episode 5. This weekend, in honor of Canada Day, they will be running a marathon of those first 5 episodes beginning at 5PM ET Sunday and ending at 10PM. They will repeat that sequence beginning at 11PM, and the moment I find out how to watch it legally in the US I will be posting it here. The second video is from FanExpo Vancouver with some tasty background, and that is about all I have time to type right now… I am figuring an hour to pack the car, and maybe nine to 11 hours drive time to Toronto. If I can get in a 5 hour nap and a run to a local Thai restaurant for takeaway, I should be ready to watch the series so far!