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It has been a bit of a fight today trying to find something to blog about. One of my favorite stories, and I really hope it is true, is about Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner-like TV show. The only other Philip K. Dick TV series I know about was the wonderfully done Total Recall 2070 made in the ’90s and run on Showtime in this country. It is a bit hard to find the series on DVD (mostly because they haven’t released it except for the pilot), but you can always watch it on Hulu. This being April Fools Day, however, I am not going to trust any source posted today. Luckily, yesterday it was announced that the BBC has ordered more Dirk Gently episodes. So far they have only aired the pilot episode of this dramatization of everyone’s favorite Douglas Adams detective, and the new order is only for three more of them, but that is still four more than I had expected to see. Now to start the letter writing campaign to BBC America to get them to pick it up.