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The Doctor returns!

Since the word went out in mid-2003, there has been a lot of speculation and rumor, but the one thing that remains firm is that the show WILL be back with all new episodes! If I had a vote, I would love to see David Warner as the Doctor, and Alan Rickman as the Master; both veddy British, both world-class actors, both voted for by folks involved with Doctor Who, and either could play either role and nail it definitively to the wall. The dynamic tension between them alone would be worth the price of admission. Too bad I’m just a fan, and only get to vote with my web site.

So rather than confuse the issue by generating online rumors with my personal wish list, let me give you a few links that should point you to the real info and updates. Starting with the official BBC NewWho pages at:

Some non-official sites that will keep you posted with the latest data should start with one of the oldest online Who resources, Outpost Gallifrey. It doesn’t hurt that they are doing one of the best jobs out there:

A few other sites worth your time to check out include:

Thank you, BBC, for breathing new life into the longest-running SciFi TV show ever!