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That is the accusation; the nation of Zimbabwe may be hoarding the entire run of William Hartnell episodes. If so, that would include a bunch of episodes lost since the early sixties, including The Tenth Planet, the first time a Doctor regenerated (Hartnell into Troughton), as well as the first story ever to feature the Cybermen. The story originally came from the Sun in the UK. Of course, this is the same magazine that took a recent entry from Google Oceans and gave it the headline Is This Atlantis?, but in their defense they also broke the news that the Doctor Who Stage Show will be going on tour soon. Already on stage is Who, Knows, the new Tasmanian play about (and tribute to) Doctor Who. The John Barrowman comic strip of a Torchwood story I mentioned the other day is going to be released soon, but while you wait you can read another Torchwood comic now online at Watch. And a brief flash of the original Cybermen: