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We are only abut 3 episodes in to Kamisama Dolls, which you can watch online on Crunchyroll either an hour or a week after it airs in Tokyo, depending on your account type (the free accounts wait a week, the paid an hour). The opening song is sung by Chiaki Ishikawa, and her record label Flying Dog has released the full length song for streaming on their YouTube channel, so I am posting it here. God Dolls (yes, Kamisama means “God”) battle at the behest of their Noble Shrine Doll User, some of which have more of a clue than others. The animation is a bit old school, but not that old; maybe 8 to 12 years ago stylistically. A few of the characters I care about and the plot has been interesting so far, so I will be watching this one for at least a few more episodes.