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It is called both Moon Embrace The Stars and You Came From The Stars, depending on who is doing the translating, but this looks like it could be quite the tasty little Sci-Fi TV show out of Asia for 2015. OK, I admit I find the music for this show wimpy beyond belief and in need of being retired behind a barn somewhere with extreme prejudice, but the premise and the plot elements are both quite good. And if this only holds a partial candle up to Korean Dramadies like Spy Myung Wol, Detectives In Trouble, or Rooftop Prince, it will be in quality company and worth checking out to see just how twisted this show ends up becoming. Pretty much the best cult TV SciFi/Fantasy stories I have found seem to come out of South Korea, not because they are inherently better, but because the writers work so hard to squeeze every last twist and turn out of the plot that you can’t help but say “I never saw that coming!” at least once per TV series, and often once a week.