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It is always sad when we loose one of the best, be they actor, anarchist, or scientist. This man’s character was all of these, even if the man himself was only one. Thank you, Anthony, for being my favorite Master…

First, a sad thing to report. Anthony Ainley, The Master from 1981 to 1998 (and the best Master, IMHO), died on 3May04. I was looking forward to him putting in an appearance in the new series, at least long enough to set up a regeneration sequence. It would have been a fitting end to a great actor’s career. Details can be found here:

Note: this link to is defunct; the author of this page went on to write his own science fiction, which can be found at Shannon Sullivan. He still maintains his Dr Who pages, now at A Brief History of Time Travel

In a more positive department, we seem to have a target date for the first new episode: Christmas! We also have a Doctor (Christopher Eccleston) and the first Companion (Billie Piper as Rose Tyler). We will see the return of an old enemy, the Autons, to get us started. Guess they didn’t want to jump right into the Daleks or Cybermen; after all, if this works out as we hope it will, there will be a LOT of episodes to develop stories for. Can’t use up your best enemies right out of the gate if you expect it to go the distance!

Here are a few links to point you to still more information about the New Who; check them out, bookmark them, and stop by here often for new ones as I gather them all together!

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Note: has been taken over by a domain name reseller, so the link is removed.

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